Hiding in the Woods

“They were hiding in the woods when we found them.  They wouldn’t tell us their names, but we’re hoping a rest and some food will perk them up.”  Stan and I looked through the window at the two small children in the Chief’s office. 

“How could no one have reported them missing?  The older boy can’t be more than nine.  I’ll go in and say something.  See if I can get them to talk.  Maybe being a woman will help.” 

As I entered the room, the older boy stood and bowed.  Before I knew it, he was jumping into my arms and screaming “Mom!” 

I stared at Stan as the boy sobbed into my shoulder.  Mom?  How could this poor boy think I was his mom?  After twenty minutes, I was finally able to get him to calm down and sit in the worn leather chair that occupied the other side of the Chief’s desk.  His younger brother sat on the floor and stared at us.  He had not spoken a word or moved from his position in the corner since I entered the room.  I was beginning to become unnerved at the fact he wasn’t blinking or moving. 

“Why don’t you tell us what happened?”  I asked gently as both boys continued to stare at me. 

The younger boy looked like he was about to open his mouth to talk when the door behind me slammed open and a woman who looked exactly like me barged in screaming. 


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