“You are a coward.  A bloody, screaming coward,” I could barely control my voice or my anger.  Taylor started to walk toward me, but I put both of my hands up to stop him.  “I can’t even believe your nerve.” 

As I turned and walked away, my body was still vibrating with anger.  Taylor had betrayed me and thrown me under the bus in the most public and humiliating way.  I had assumed he cared about me, but apparently the last three years of my life had been a lie.  I had been happier than I had ever been until my life fell apart in a matter of hours. 

I had been on the road for a book tour when my final event had been cancelled so instead of heading to Philadelphia, I hopped the earliest flight home.  My schedule change put me home three days ahead of schedule and when I arrived home, I found Taylor engaged in a swingers party at our house.   

A swingers party that was quickly busted by police after I arrived home due to the fact there were several minors involved.  And because minors and police became involved, the press came running.  My name and picture were splashed across headlines in print and on television.  My chances for another book deal were beginning to dwindle right before my eyes.  Taylor had possibly ruined my career in a single night and he had to pay.  And I knew exactly how to enact my revenge. 


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