“They met in jail so I’m not sure how strong their relationship is.  But Brandon seems to think very highly of him so you’ll have to make your own decision when he comes over.”  Valerie continued to cut the vegetables for the salad we were making and didn’t turn to look at me. 

“They are coming here?  When?  You invited two me I don’t know over to our house without telling or asking me?”  I felt my blood pressure rise and my face started to flush. 

“They were here the other day and everything was fine.  There weren’t any problems at all.” Valerie put the fresh salad on the table and finally turned to look at me.  There was no shame in her face. 

“When I told you my iPad was missing, you thought nothing of it?  Did they happen to be here on Tuesday afternoon?”  Valerie’s eyes flashed, but wouldn’t budge.  Obviously, this wasn’t the first time they had been over.  I had known for sometime that I should move out of the small apartment I shared with Valerie, but was hoping to hear back about a promotion before I made any decisions about my future.  

Before she responded, two men entered the house without knocking.  Like they had been here before.  I stopped short when both men came into view.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and wasn’t sure I even wanted to. 

“Tiffany, this is Brandon.  And his friend-” 

“Mike,” I finished for her.  “My twin.” 


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