“You could at least pretend you liked each other.  At least for about thirty minutes while the speeches are happening.  Then you could go to opposite sides of the room and ignore each other.  Please.”  I tried to not beg Kristin to not start a fight with Kellie.  The two had been best friends until two months before. 

Kristin and Kellie’s relationship had exploded when Kristin accused Kellie of sleeping with her husband.  I’m not sure how or why she thought it was Kellie who had been having an affair with her husband, but she was adamant.  She based it on the fact she found a pair of underwear in their bedroom that didn’t belong to her.  Why she latched onto Kellie being the owner of the underwear, nobody knew, but Kellie swore up and down it wasn’t her. 

I had a feeling there was something else going on between the two former best friends because why else would she instantly blame Kellie?  What had happened between the two of them?  Was it so intense they didn’t want to involve me? 

“She is the reason why I am divorced at twenty-six and why my parents no longer speak to me.  One hundred thousand dollars on a wedding that lasted three weeks.  I will go broke trying to pay them back.”  Kristin crossed her arms and glowered.  I smiled to myself knowing it was me who broke up her marriage.  And I knew her husband would be better off without her. 


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