Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

The Mayor

If the gossip was as juicy as I thought it was, I knew I would have an excellent story.  I inched closer to the edge of the picnic table trying to overhear the moms at the nearest park bench.  This was one of the more popular parks in the upper class side of town so there was some sort of drama every time I came.  I wore all my nicest yoga outfits so I could fit right in with the other women who frequented the park.  I had always been good at going unnoticed in social situations and was part of the reason I became a reporter.  No one ever remembered I was in the room and often let gossip and rumors flow freely right in front of me. 

I was currently trying to get off working at the trashiest magazine in town and knew this could be my next big break.  I was hoping to catch on with the newspaper and this could by my chance.  I knew anything regarding the mayor would be big news.  I just needed to determine how far I would take any information I found out about him.  He had threatened me in the past over an article I had written so I wasn’t sure how far he would take any bad reviews of his current affairs.  For now, I needed to scrape by with a story that would not get me fired and I think I finally had my big scoop.  Embezzlement.  

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