The Missing

“The boys weren’t there.  Where could they be if they aren’t at the park?  Oh my God, Hudson, what if somebody took them?”  I tried to bend over to try to catch my breath, but bending seemed to only make my heart beat faster.  Hudson put his hand on my arm and I shook him off. 

If our son and his friend were missing, it was his fault.  He had left them at the park so he could take his new girlfriend for a romp in a nearby hotel room.  I had known for weeks he was having an affair, but was waiting for the exact moment to enact my revenge.  We had not had many problems throughout our fifteen year marriage so I wonder what had led him astray.  Not that I was entirely worried about it as I hadn’t had any warm feelings toward him recently anyway.  Honestly, I didn’t have feelings toward him one way or the other.  Somehow we had turned into more of acquaintances than husband and wife. 

Our relationship started going downhill when our children started school and I started wanting a bit more control over my life.  Hudson wanted me to be home all the time and I increasingly wanted to do more for myself.  I had given my life for Hudson and the boys and now was ready to take back more for myself.  Now he would have to come clean about the affair.  Or he would never see the boys again. 


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