Whole Universe

My entire universe came crashing down the day Jackson left.  I had built my entire life around him and now I was supposed to and could fill my days with whatever I wanted, I found myself rudderless.  I could get through the basics of my day 

Everyone around me was whispering to each other about how lucky I was to be on my own again, but I was having a hard time believing it.  I had one chance with Jackson and he was gone.  Listening to everyone talk, I would never be able to touch him again.  My friends and family told me they got a weird vibe from Jackson, but no one could quite pinpoint what the vibe was.  I could maybe see him if he would let me, but I would never touch him again.  The day he left to ‘run errands’ was the last time I saw him in person.  His quick departure led me to think of all the other times he ran out for a few hours at a time and wondered what he had been doing on every occasion. 

I was too in love to wonder why he kept disappearing and never thought to ask where he was going.  Or to prove where he was going.  I had never understood the saying of “Love is Blind” until the day Jackson disappeared.  I just wish I could look back and see the signs that should have told me he was a serial killer. 


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