“How can you even believe I had anything to do with this?  This is unbelievable.  The worst crime I have ever seen.”  I managed to restrain myself from stomping my foot, but only because I used the heel of my boot to scratch my ankle. 

The police officer looked back and forth between my cousin and I.  It was like he was trying to decide which one of us to believe.  His pen was poised over his notebook like he was unsure of what to write down.  Our neighbor had drowned in our pool the night before and the entire street was reeling.  We had no idea of who our neighbor was our even what house he lived in. 

Jace and I had only moved in two weeks before and had not met many of our neighbors.  We had been busy unpacking and getting settled into our new jobs.  I didn’t know or fathom that this was how we would be introduced to our neighbors.  Behind the police officer, I saw several cars slowly drive by and stared.  I wish my vision was better so I could memorize their license plates.  I had no idea of what our neighbors would think of us now, but maybe they would keep their distance.  I had considered getting to know them, but now I was unsure. 

After all, death and murder was the reason we left our last home in the first place.  And apparently it would not be the last time. 


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