Can’t Be Bothered

“Miranda can’t be bothered and I mean to find out why.  Why is she gone all the time and why doesn’t she ever show up for work?  Something has to be going on at home, but if she doesn’t talk to anyone while she is here, how are we supposed to get anything done?”  Jessica set the alarm on our way out the door and turned back to me. 

“Don’t look at me.  I have no idea what to do.  She has never even talked to me.” 

“Do you think I should ask her if everything is okay?  If we can do something to help?”  Jessica only sighed.  Before she could say anything, a car came screaming around the corner and jumped to the curb onto the sidewalk where we were talking. 

The police trailing the runaway car pulled up behind and two officers jumped out with their guns drawn.  Jessica and I stood clutching each other, frozen on the sidewalk.  Luckly there was a telephone pole stopping the car from hitting and running us over.  What surprised us even more was the fact our erstwhile manager unabashedly got out from behind the wheel of the now totaled car. 

“Hi, nice to see you two,” she said smiling at us.  She calmly turned to the police car and put her hands up in the air while we continued to stare.   

“I think she has done this before…” Jessica whispered. 

“All the time,” Miranda said over her shoulder.  “All the time.” 


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