The Song

“I never liked that song,” I said as Ian led me toward the door.  His steady hand on my arm reminded me that I was safe and in good hands.  I had suffered through several relationships over the years only to come through to meet Ian.  There was Brian who I thought I was ready to marry, but looking back, I was a shell of who I really was. 

Ian allowed me the space I needed to recover as well as come back to myself.  He silently offered support and a steadying hand when I needed it.  He never objected when I talked too much or too little.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  And I don’t know how I managed any kind of relationship before him. 

I often thought back to my previous relationships – especially with Brian – and wondered why I ever thought he was a good fit, a good partner.  As I got into Ian’s truck, I thought about the song that had set me off.  I realized it was the last song Brian and I had danced to.  That’s when I felt the hands circle my neck from the back seat.  I knew it had to be Brian, but how did he get in the car?    

I tried to look at Ian, but found myself frozen to the seat with fear.  By the way Ian calmly started his car and reversed, I knew what Ian had done. 

“Bet you didn’t realize we were cousins.” 


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