The Boyfriend

“Why did you go to his house?  You swore to me you would never go back.”  I paced in the front hallway as McKenzie slowly took her gloves and jacket off.  I knew she had been at Kevin’s house whether she would admit it or not.  The scent of his bitter cologne wafted toward me with her every move. 

Kevin was the only boyfriend I had never liked.  The only one I had refused to let into my house.  The only boyfriend anyone I cared about or had dated that I would have nothing to do with.  I didn’t care he didn’t treat me very well, but I’d be damned if he would come into our house and treat McKenzie like hell.  She was only dating him because her parents thought he was a ‘strong Christian man’. 

To me, a ‘strong Christian man’ would not treat anyone like Kevin treated the two of us.  As time went on, I retreated more into my room when Kevin came over.  When McKenzie and I finally fought about Kevin, he stopped coming over.  Even if he was no longer coming over, I knew I didn’t want to be living with McKenzie anymore.  I no longer trusted her to be in my life due to the fact she could treat me so terribly simply because of the man she was dating. 

“I needed to talk to him,” she whispered.  “I’m pregnant.  I think he’s the father.  Or maybe I just want him to be.” 


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