“Did they find the bacon?”  I asked beginning to panic.  If the bacon didn’t appear soon, the entire brunch would be ruined.  And if the brunch was ruined, so was I.  I couldn’t recover from another failed brunch – mentally or financially.  When I finally got the nerve to look toward the front door, I could see Sean running up the sidewalk carrying a grocery sack and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Maybe my catering business would live to see another day after all. 

“Thanks Sean.  I can’t believe you were able to  find the bacon so fast,” I breathed as Sean sat the bacon onto the countertop. 

“Let’s just say I know a guy,” Sean said trying to catch his breath.  I wasn’t too sure about the connections Sean had – were they legit?  Were they clean?  I didn’t know if I cared too much about Sean’s connection as long as I had the bacon to finish the meal.  But now that it was here, my heart rate slowly but surely started to fall. 

As I finished the salad, Sean started frying the bacon for the salad and deviled egg toppers.  I knew we were coming down to the wire with having to find the bacon – I had to start making lists upon lists for the next catering event.   

Even with the bacon snafu, things seemed to be clicking along fairly well until the home owner stopped by.  That’s when the rat scrambled out of the bag of bacon. 


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