Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Dead To Me

“He’s dead to me,” I said to Julia.  “I never want to talk about him again.”  I fluffed up my pillow and lay back down onto my sleeping bag.  My head nearly hit the ground as my pillow was basically my sweatshirt smashed inside my sleeping bag’s bag. 

“He literally hasn’t done anything wrong,” Julia said.  She pulled her two extra blankets over her head and stared at me with just her eyes showing.  She was the epitome of a best friend – one who would indulge my wildest dreams with little to no complaints.  Eye rolling yes, but not too many verbal complaints.   

“Did you miss the part when I told you he is engaged?  He lied to me.  For two years.”  I stuck my arms out of my sleeping bag.  Just thinking about Mark made me angry and flushed. 

“But-” Julia stopped.  I could tell she didn’t know what to say.  Maybe I hadn’t told her he was engaged.  “Dead seems a little extreme.” 

“Every time he left me for class or work, now I know he was going to see her.  Why would I stay for that?  Please let’s not talk about it.”   

I turned my back to Julia hoping this would end the conversation.  I had wanted to get outside for camping so I could forget about Steve.  He had always refused to go camping. 

The only problem was I knew I would dream about him.  Just as I had every night for the last nine months. 

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