“He is a disgrace of a man.”  I sat up straighter as my mother-in-law talked again about my husband.  I knew snapping back at her wouldn’t work, I had snapped back before and she had simply left.  I needed to be able to draw out as much information from her as I could. 

I knew she was just trying to rile me up.  She wanted me to dislike her enough to leave her son.  I was never good enough for him and she would tell me all sorts of lies so I would leave him and in essence, her.  David was her one and only and she wanted him to herself.   

“Please, tell me about it.”  I leaned back in the kitchen chair after pouring myself another glass of wine.  The look on her face told me this was not what she was expecting.  Her mouth dropped open before she could catch herself, but she quickly corrected herself. 

Instead of continuing on with her verbal destruction of my life, she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.  I knew I now had the upper hand, at least for a few minutes.  This was the first time she had left without having the last word.  I just didn’t know the plan she had already set in place.  The plan she had carefully been laying out for weeks, but instead of trapping her son in the middle, I would be the one crawling out of the jail cell. 


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