“Was she running?  Like actually running?  Again?  How did she look?  What -” Martin interrupted me. 

“Take a deep breath.  What question do you want me to answer first?”  Martin poured another glass of iced tea and smiled.  

“Tell me everything.  I just can’t believe she is running again.”  I ran my fingers through my hair, not actually believing what I was hearing.   

“Well, there really wasn’t much to it…”  Martin went on to talk about how he saw Adrienne running on the other side of town.  The first time either one of us had seen her out of her house in the last six months.  To my knowledge, nothing had happened.  But I did get a few weird vibes from our friends for a few days as they would not look me in the eyes and they stopped responding to texts for several days.  Other than Adrienne staying indoors, everything else had gone back to normal. 

“Maybe I should text her and see if she’ll answer.  I wonder what got her out of the house…”  I puttered around the kitchen picking things up only to put them back down again.  I wondered what to say to her and she would respond.   Would we actually be friends again? 

“Hey, don’t worry about her.  She looked good.  Healthy.”  Martin smiled and kissed my forehead. 

Three hours later, we both found out everything wasn’t so fine with Adrienne.  She wasn’t running for fun or leisure.  She was literally running away.  From us. 


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