“There’s a whole song for it.  And I can’t believe you have never heard it before.” 

“Have I ever heard a love song before?  Of course I have.”  Zachary rebrushed his hair to his original cut and brush.  The fact he was still brushing and rebrushing his hair after thirty minutes meant he was just delaying his leaving time.  I knew the longer I waited, the less chance there was I would actually sing.  I was dying to rip the brush out of his hand and brush his hair for him.  He always left his hair the same way, no matter what. 

“No, but this is THE love song,” I said pulling out my guitar.  I took a deep breath and wondered if I should even play the song I had written.  This could be the beginning of the end of any relationship Zachary and I would ever have. 

But I don’t know if I could get up the nerve to play my love song for him. 

“The love song?  Isn’t that a Taylor Swift song?”  As Zachary continued to rebrush his hair in the mirror without turning to look at me, my plans for playing my song for Zachary slowly began to plummet.  As Zachary finally turned to me, he paused. 

“Oh, were you going to play something?  Can I hear it later?  I’m going to meet Andrea in a few minutes.” 

As soon as he said those words, my heart dropped straight into my stomach. 


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