Shake It Up

“I intend to shake things up,” my roommate said.  “No one is going to be able to stop me when I get everything started.” 

Mallory did a little dance as she tried to pump herself up.  She was performing  at her first open mic night and reading some of her poetry.  It was her chance for a scholarship, her chance to get out of our one stop sign town.  At least that was her hope.  And that is what she needed. 

But I had read her poetry and it was not great.  Unless her performance skills were phenomenal.  As Mallory headed toward the stage, I said a little prayer.  All I wanted was for her to get out of this dump of a town, but I was hoping she wasn’t too excited.  Mallory’s parents would do nothing for her in the future as they had done nothing positive for her in her seventeen years.  Most of the time, I felt like my family did more for her than her own.  I was too nervous to listen, but I was brought back to reality when the cheers started. 

Mallory came backstage with a smile on her face.  She was beaming.  

“It was the new poem I wrote.  I knew it was the only way.  The old poetry wasn’t going to take me anywhere.”  Mallory jabbered on about making the next round.   

“So what was your poem about?”  I asked when she finally slowed down. 

“It was about you.  All about you.” 


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