“Go ahead and order all the supplies you think you are going to need and once they come in…” Carter talked to me without even looking in my direction.  I could tell he didn’t really understand what I was doing on my project or he probably never would have approved. 

The project included lots of painting small details and if he know it would take me the better part of the year, well, I knew he wouldn’t like it.  But since he already told the Board of Directors, he couldn’t back out now. 

I quickly backed out of his office and practically ran to my own office.  I already had all of the supplies in a cart on Amazon and all I had to do was order.  As I woke up my computer, I saw Carter coming down the hallway. 

“No, no, not yet,” I whispered.  My whole plan was contingent on this project going through.  If I couldn’t buy these supplies, I was doomed.  My job wouldn’t have a chance if I couldn’t have this one project.  I was feeling menial and underrated and I knew this was my one chance to shine.   

I stared at my computer screen and prayed with all my being that Carter would walk by.  When he didn’t stop, I completed my order only to have my breath catch when he stopped outside the glass wall of my office. I knew the trouble I was in for the moment our eyes met.  


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