Working Up To It

“He’s obviously working up to it,” I thought as I watched Dylan from across the cafeteria.  He was working up the courage to sit at the same table as Josiah and Mark.  They were in the middle table of the cafeteria which was one of the most coveted tables in the lunch room. 

I had started to wave Dylan to have him come sit with me at our usual table before I realized what was going on.  I watched and waited and hoped he would have enough courage to go through with it.  He had been talking about joining their club and talking to them for weeks now.  I tried to send him every positive vibe in hopes he would find a seat before it was too late. 

I saw a few other guys eyeing the seats next to Josiah and Mark and tried to will Dylan into going directly to the table.  If he waited too long he would be stuck with me and I knew that’s not what either one of us wanted.  I’m not too bad if I do say so myself, but I knew how important this could be for Dylan.  This was his chance to prove it to himself and the rest of the school what he was capable of. 

If he made it, he would finally be accepted and I knew it.  I watched as he took a deep breath and started for the elusive lunch table.  I almost wished I played chess too. 


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