“Call me when you get there.  Or at least send a text so we have some idea of what is going on and that you’re all right.”  I couldn’t believe my aunt.  Literally couldn’t believe her.  My mom and I were heading back to our house after spending the last two days helping my aunt pack up her belongings. 

She was leaving her husband because he had decided he didn’t love her anymore.  No reason, no explanation, nothing.  After picking her up off the floor, helping her pack and finding a place to live temporarily and she had just accused my mother of stealing her ugliest purse.  Just hours after we left and hours after her accusations, she wanted to make sure we were home safely?  I had never seen her and my mom have any sort of fight, much less the screaming match in my aunt’s living room. 

After all we had done to help her, now she thought we were capable of stealing a purse no one ever wanted.  Personally, I was happy my aunt was leaving my uncle.  He had never been good to her or nice to any of us and I always thought she would have left him before now.  I just hoped the flash of color I saw in my mom’s bag was not the purse or my aunt would make sure there was hell to pay.  What they didn’t know was I had just watched my uncle had put it there. 


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