The Diamond Necklace

“You messed everything up!” she screamed.  I backed up as she balled her hands into fists.  I knew Jordan could fight with the best of them and I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of her punches.  Especially since I’m not quite sure of that I have supposedly messed up for her. 

I was hoping there was somebody behind me that she was upset with, but I didn’t feel any eyes on the back of my head.   As Jordan advanced, I retreated.  Only when my back hit the wall did I know what she was talking about.  The necklace.  The necklace I had tried to sell.  The necklace that was now missing. 

Our mother had left the diamond necklace for the two of us the day she left and never came home.  Since I knew we were short on rent money this month, I had taken the necklace to the local jeweler and he had refused to buy it – told me it was worthless and to stop wasting his time.  Jordan had taken our mother’s disappearance hard and apparently the necklace meant more to her than it did to me.  I haven’t decided if I should tell her the necklace she had coveted and the one item that meant so much to her was a complete fake.  How my mother had gotten so many cheap plastic diamonds to shine like they did was amazing.  I hoped whoever had the fake was as happy as Jordan would have been. 


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