As Cold As You

“I never knew you could be so cruel,” she hissed.  I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or my sister, but I had never seen Taylor’s face so red.  She was usually the calmest one of our group of friends and I was shocked she was so angry. 

“I’m not sure why  you are surprised.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.”  Jenn crossed her arms in case Taylor was ready to fight.  I knew her left arm was on top so Taylor could see her engagement ring.  “Jake and I have been serious for two years and we had talked about getting engaged.  I even told you we had talked about it.” 

“You knew I wanted to get married first and here you go, stealing my thunder.”  Taylor crossed her arms to imitate Jenn and I knew she was debating on whether she should start stomping her feet.  

I tried not to smile as I could see the wheels turning in her head.  Taylor had never learned to hide her thoughts and watching her now was like watching the beginning of a train wreck. 

Jenn and Taylor were the kind of friends who loved to hate each other.  They loved to fight and they loved to bicker.  There was nothing I could do, but step back and let them have a go.  If their relationship went the way it always went, they would be best friends again tomorrow.  I didn’t realize then how wrong I was. 


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