A New Day

“Start a new day.  Start a new day.  Start a new day.”  I repeated my mantra as I headed toward the front door of my apartment.  Leaving the apartment was difficult, but since I had started facing my fears and repeating my mantra, things had started to get slightly easier.  I had never been alone before and wasn’t entirely sure how to navigate life.  My boyfriend had broken up with me, moved out and I had lost my job all in the same day. 

The next week, after hearing of my supposed “failures” to secure a rich husband or at least a well-paying job (like staying at home being a trophy wife), my parents no longer called.  My credit card has long been cut off and now I lived in a small apartment by myself in hopes I could save enough to move to Santa Fe.  I knew I had to get out of town so I could get out from under my parents and away from the stares.  The stares of the family friends who knew my failure to become exactly who my parents wanted me to be. 

I finally stepped out the door to my apartment only to run smack into Jerry.  Jerry the ex-boyfriend who had almost broken me. 

“I made a mistake,” he said, whimpering.  He held his arms out like he expected me to walk right back to him.   

“Start a new day.  Start a new day.” I straightened my back and walked right by. 


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