“Do you have any feedback for me?”  My boss asked, crossing his arms. 

I had been preparing myself for this question because I knew the feedback I really had was feedback he didn’t want to hear.  How can you nicely tell your boss he is completely incapable of doing his job?  Especially when he has already been told how terrible he is. 

George has to have weekly meetings with his direct supervisor due to the fact he doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.  And yet, nothing has improved. 

“I think it would be beneficial for me if there was more communication from you.  If you could give me feedback on my work and if there are items or programs I can improve on, please tell me.  I often feel like I don’t know what you are doing and that you often don’t need my help.” 

I sighed, I knew George was too insecure to really take feedback well.  I opened my mouth tell him how he could help, but before I could say anything, Frank burst in through George’s office door.  

“I can’t – she won’t – I don’t know what to do,” Frank stumbled over his words, visibly shaking.  I smiled to myself.  Jenn had finally told him her feelings and I knew the office was about to explode with drama.  It would be the most excitement we had had in the office in a while.  And for once, it wouldn’t be over something I had done. 


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