“I will obey your every command.”  I almost gagged as I read the letter my roommate was writing to her boyfriend.  I knew I shouldn’t be reading her letter, but I couldn’t help it.  I had to know what was going on between the two of them.  I had suspicions things weren’t going well and this letter was proof.  I knew the more I would dig into their relationship, the more I would find. 

I think there was potential that he was brainwashing her.  I folded the letter back into the envelope as my mind began to spin.  I knew Stacy had the tendency to let those around her make every decision for her.  Her parents made all her decisions for her growing up and I think she was afraid to make mistakes.  Afraid to get in trouble.  Afraid to not be considered hip and cool. 

Stacy had been staying out of the apartment a little longer each week and now I was beginning to worry.  At first, I enjoyed it because it also meant Aaron was gone as well.  He was always staying over too long, staring too long and talking too little.  I started with research on the church she started attending because of Aaron, but nothing looked out of the ordinary.  But again, Aaron originally had seemed pretty normal as well.  Maybe there was more to it.  As I dug deeper into Aaron and the church, I knew Stacy had joined a cult.  A very dangerous cult.  


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