“You know what that is, right?  You know it is important we get back that information.”  The principal held up the exam and waited.  “Someone has stolen the answer sheet for this exam.  I will wait however long it takes.” 

Dr. Zachary sat back down behind the desk.  He glanced around the room and when nobody made a move, he opened his newspaper and started to read.  In a class of 25, he knew one of us had taken the answers and I think he knew who it was, but was trying to give him or her a chance to come forward. 

I knew it wouldn’t happen.  I was never going to come forward.  I would not jeopardize my chances of getting out of this god forsaken town.  I knew too many dirty secrets and people made up too many rumors.  I had to get out of this town no matter what the cost or if someone else got hurt. 

I watched the seconds tick by on the clock above Dr. Zachary’s head.  He couldn’t keep us past 3:45 so the kids who rode the bus could make it home.  He seemed relaxed as he flipped the pages of the newspaper.  How could he be calm when our lives were at stake?  As soon as the bell rang, I knew what I was going to do.  Barry.  He could take the fall.  The All-American  quarterback who could do no wrong.  I just didn’t know he beat me to the punch. 


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