“I was totally disoriented,” I told the police officer.  “I really don’t know where I was last night.  The first thing I remembered was walking down the sidewalk toward the school.” 

“Do you remember anything else?  Who you were with?  Anything after you left your friends at the bar?”  I stared straight ahead and tried not to watch the officer check his watch.  Again.    

“I don’t really remember leaving the bar much less what happened after.”  I knew exactly what had happened the night before.  I also knew I wasn’t going to tell the police what happened.  This officer was kind and I knew he was going to take me seriously.  Bat as the night came back to me, I’m not sure I wanted to tell him everything. 

“Gabe, it was Gabe.  He did this.  But I don’t think you’ll be able to find him.  He’s good at disappearing.” 

I knew Gabe had put something in my drink.  That much I was sure of.  I had vague memories of another guy talking to us at Trixie’s, but Gabe was the only one who had brought me anything to drink.  But the real question was why would he put something in my drink and where was he now?  The only problem was that the more I thought about my relationship with Gabe, the more I realized I didn’t really know him at all.  I suddenly knew he was gone for good and so is everything he took from me. 


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