“This story will end in tears,” I thought to myself as I listened to the young couple at the table next to mine.  As I waited for my husband, I couldn’t help but listen to their whispered argument.  They apparently had gotten into a minor fender bender on the way to the restaurant and for whatever reason, the husband had not stopped to see the damage to the other car or to ask about the other driver. 

The wife was now begging him to return or she would call the police herself.  I was beginning to think I would call the police for them unless Joseph showed up beforehand.  He had just retired from the local department and would know exactly who to call.  As the minutes ticked by and Joseph didn’t show and the couple didn’t leave, I sighed and pulled out my phone to call Joseph first to see where he was. 

Before I could dial Joseph’s number, the young man next to me suddenly jumped up and practically ran out the front door of the restaurant.  His wife sighed heavily, but did not follow him.  She must have felt me staring because after I beat she turned to me and smiled.  I smiled back and went back to calling Joseph. 

“Mind your own damn business,” she whispered in my ear before following her husband out.  Shocked, I stared after her again as she turned, flipped me off and walked straight into the street.  Straight to her death. 


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