Make or Break

I knew the next decision would make or break my academic life.  And I only had two minutes to decide what to do.  I had been working two jobs and going to school to finish the last of my degree when I realized I had a ten-page paper due the next day.  Art history was not on the top of my list for interesting classes and I was barely making a passing grade as it was. 

This class was a necessary class for my degree and if I didn’t pass, I wouldn’t graduate.  If I didn’t graduate, I would lose everything I had been working toward.  But if I pressed submit, I would be submitting a paper mostly written by someone else.  I just had to decide if the risk was worth the reward. 

If I got caught, I obviously wouldn’t graduate, but could I get into a different college with cheating on my track record?  Everything I ever did again at the college level would be scrutinized.  But if I didn’t get caught, I would be free and clear and no one would ever  have to know.  I started to sweat as my mouse hovered over the submit button.  I had thirty seconds before the paper was due.  My heart raced as I hit the submit button.  Better to hope my professor wouldn’t find out, but if he did, I planned to beg for forgiveness.  I just didn’t know my fall from grace would come so quickly. 


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