Dr. Jordan

“What kind of crazy would you call that?”  Sam and I watched our professor from the back of the classroom.  Dr. Jordan was frantically writing on the board.  In a weird way, it was oddly soothing since she was usually very calm and collected.  For me, it was nice to see someone who acted just as crazy as I felt in the week before finals. 

“I’m not quite sure what is happening here.  Have you ever seen her act like this before?”  I whispered and leaned toward Sam.  I didn’t want Dr. Jordan to overhear and stop in the middle of whatever was happening.  I couldn’t decide if we should stop her and let her cool off or if it would be better to let her get her emotions out.  I was hoping maybe she had just had too much coffee this morning, but knew something bigger was probably going on. 

I leaned forward and watched her write.  The manic way she was writing had me starting to worry as I wondered if something was happening in her life.  I had never seen her come to class with a single hair out of place so her current behavior was beginning to worry me.  Something was obviously causing her to act strangely.  I felt the anxiety creep into my stomach as she turned to us with wild eyes. 

“If one of you can tell me who in this class slept with my husband, you will pass.  No questions asked.” 


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