Only Desire

My only desire was to get out of town as soon as possible.  I needed a fresh start and with my history in Phoenix, I knew nothing here would change.  The reach of my ex-boyfriend was as wide as he was rich. 

Growing up in a middle-class family, I had never had access to private planes and the nicest restaurant at my disposal.  Nick could pick up the phone and anything and everything could be delivered to his door. 

Nick didn’t know what it was like to be broken up with and he was taking it out on me.  I couldn’t tell anyone else that seeing his rage was what I wanted from the start. What no one knew – and what Nick didn’t remember – was the fact we had grown up down the street from my family before his father struck it rich and they moved away.  In the few years they lived down the street, my entire family was tormented.  Nick and his father were the worst and his father treated my dad like dirt.   

In my eyes, Nick was getting what he deserved and if they lost a few million dollars and were investigated by the IRS, it was no skin off my back.  Maybe when all their money was gone, I would let Nick know who I really was, but for now, I was just enjoying watching him suffer.  I’d let his world come crashing down like mine did when my father committed suicide from the pressure. 


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