Gossip and Rumors

I knew next to nothing about what was going on at school.  Some thought I was naïve and that was true to a certain extent, but part of it was that I just didn’t care that much.  I’m not sure why people thought I needed to be aware of the gossip and rumors that flew around a small Texas high school.  I knew everyone already and didn’t like most of them.  I had long ago accepted the fact I was a loner and would leave town as soon as I graduated.  I had never met my dad and my mom spent most of her time at her boyfriend’s house and neither had much time for me.   

I knew college would be a fresh start and my ticket out of town.  As soon as I turned 16, I started working part-time during the school year and often worked multiple jobs during the summer.  I could get a fair amount of financial aid, but I also knew not to expect any help from my mother.  I wanted to make sure I could still have enough money to really experience college and not spend most of my time working.  Everything changed my mother moved home and was suddenly interested in my life.  I was waiting for the bomb to drop about why she seemed to all of a sudden want to be around me.  The day I learned the news was the day I moved out.  She was pregnant and wanted my help. 


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