Saving My Father

“I know there are more than this,” Jason demanded.  “If you don’t give them to me you will die.  And so will your father.  But his death will be much slower and more painful.” 

I knew Jason and I knew what he was capable of.  Hurting my dad was new, but not unexpected.  In the past all his rage had been solely directed at him for reasons unknown.  I had obviously misjudged his skills and motivation and I think that was what had started everything.  I quickly thought about the information I had and the information Jason needed.  I wasn’t sure if I had a way to save my father from death and I felt the sweat start to roll down my back. 

I knew it was at least partially my fault my father and I were in this position in the first place, but I never thought Jason would take things this far.  He had reeled me in several months ago with his good looks and flattery and I never saw the darkness in his eyes.  I don’t know how I could have been so blind. 

“Please, what can I do?  Let my father go, he had nothing to do with the drop.  Everything was my fault.” 

“You knew the rules,” Jason screamed at me in anger.  I closed my eyes as the tears started flowing.  “You knew no one else was supposed to be involved.” 

Before anything else happened, the stage lights blinked off and the audience cheered. 


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