Deep in the Woods

I always knew that my life could get better, I just didn’t know how.  I knew I had finally come home.  That I was here.  And I wouldn’t ever leave.  I could finally take a deep breath and fill it with fresh air and no fumes.  I could look up at the sky and see the stars and not the lights from the business I was surrounded by and did not support.  I could grow a majority of my food and not have to buy the pesticide filled vegetables from the grocery store.  I could also sit on the front porch and sit in complete silence and hear the deer breaking the fresh snow.  I was here and I was home and I was never leaving.  I don’t know why it had taken me so long. 

I knew within six days I was mistaken.   It wasn’t entirely the fresh air and vegetables that would make my life better.  My life could get better, but I just hadn’t met Matthew yet.  But the day he walked in the grocery in front of me was the day my life brightened once more.  I quickly engineered a way to ‘accidentally’ bump into him in the store so I could introduce myself.  Over time, I realized Matthew was everything I had ever looked for in a man.  He was kind, generous to a fault and strong in his convictions.  I just wish I knew when I first introduced myself that he was already married. 


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