Big Sky

Deep in the woods is the only place I ever wanted to go.  The big sky, the fresh air and the silence.  Oh, the silence.  I never knew how much the silence could hurt my ears until I got out here to my new home.  My nearest neighbor is a mile away at least and I could do whatever I want.  My electricity worked most of the time, my toilet flushed most of the time and I had enough food to last for at least two weeks.  I hoped it would be enough time to plan ye next move and stay out of anyone’s business everyone will slowly learn not to ask any questions. 

A week into the game I was finally able to relax a little, but when a twig snapped outside, I froze.  Was he back?  Was he here?  How had he found me?  What kind of terrible plans and ideas had I had of even marrying him?  Everyone knew, even I knew in the back of my head and my heart that I should not have said yes.  But here I was, making my escape.  Escape from him.  Escape from city life.  Escape from the life I never wanted.  I just hoped it was a deer or a fox outside the small cottage, but I was too scared to look.  Too scared to maybe see his face.  Before I got up the courage to look, someone was banging on the window above my bed. 


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