Secretly Excited

I was secretly excited when he told me he was leaving for the night.  I would have time to actually take a bath.  I could finally paint my toes.  I could drink a glass of wine and not have to worry about him barging in on me saying we had to go on another ‘adventure.’  All I wanted to do was have a nice and quiet time at home.  I didn’t really want to go on adventures every weekend, but he was so sweet when he first brought it up, how could I resist?  Then the more planning that went into it, the more resistant I became.  It was the hot yoga and sleeping under mosquito nets, hiking for hours on end. 

Hiking here and there was fine and camping every once in a while was great.  His all-out adventures, I think, were a way to get back at his father for always praising his older brother for all his athletic prowess in high school and college.  Now he was just trying to keep up.  Trying to prove he was as much of an athlete as his brother.  I hoped he wouldn’t want to climb Everest because that was definitely where I drew the line.  No part of me would ever entertain any delusions about anything to do with Everest.  I went camping and hiking several times with him when we were in college and he thought I liked it.  He didn’t know I was only after his money. 


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