I knew shit was going down as soon as Susan started toward my desk.  She was the office gossip and tattletale, but thought she was getting away with all her games.  She thought she was getting away with everything when her whisper was as loud as her yell.  Everyone knew as soon as she started toward you: be prepared for anything.   

I tried to smile as she started for me, but remembered I was still wearing a mask so I immediately went back to frowning.  I did wonder if she could feel the daggers coming out of my eyes.  As she smiled her sweetest smile, I knew she had no idea what she was getting into.   I had always thought of myself as a kind person, especially at work, but my threshold for bullshit was falling down around my ears.  I just couldn’t take her gossip anymore.  If she had anything to say, she needed to say it to my face.  I just wished it didn’t have to be in front of the entire office. 

“Hi, hello.  Did I see you at the art festival last night?  How was it?  I loved every second!”  Her genuine smile threw me off my game and I forgot everything I was going to say.  How could I ever reveal my feelings when she brought up my weakest part, all my insecurities and doubts.  No one knew I was a fledgling artist and I had meant to keep it that way. 


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