I knew everything was going to be all right when I saw the fox and deer crossing the field together.  I knew the two of them had never gotten along because I watched them obsessively.  I wanted to be able to know their every move so I could communicate.  I had already become friends with the turtles and lizards so I had aspirations of communing with the fox and deer and I knew the two of them were not the only of their kind wandering the edges of our property. 

I knew I had to warn them away from our property.  My brothers and father didn’t believe any animals except for our dogs should be found anywhere on our property.  My brothers often roamed the perimeter with their BB guns just to scare off any animal they thought might be encroaching on their territory.  They acted like overprotective dogs who wanted to be bigger than they really were. 

My brother had no real reason to dislike the animals, but I knew my father blamed the deer for my mother’s death.  He believed it was the deer’s fault for the car wreck and he had passed those beliefs onto my brother.  I was there and I remembered.  I remembered that he was the one who pulled the steering wheel to the right.  He had too much to drink that night and doesn’t remember.  Saving the animals will help save me from my grief. 


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