The Treehouse

I moved into my treehouse on the very first day of every summer without fail.  I was scared to be stuck inside year-round and found that I slept better when there was air moving around me.  Every school year I spent most of my free time updating and renewing my treehouse space.  Our house was small and since I was the youngest of three, I have never had my own room.  I tried to spend most of my free time mowing lawns so I could buy everything I wanted for the treehouse. 

I was perfectly fine with the fact my family never tried to come to my treehouse.  I actually preferred they didn’t.  The day I came home and found both of them in my treehouse, I about lost my mind. 

“What are you doing in here?”  I yelled.  James ate another chip and Will just stared. 

“We didn’t know you spiffed this place up so much little brother.  It’s starting to look real nice,” James said leaning back on my new pillows. 

“I think we’ll start spending a little more time in here, don’t you agree James?”  Will stood up and looked out the window. 

I seethed and went back down the ladder because I knew if I didn’t something would happen that I would soon regret.  Looking back, I never should have left the two of them in my treehouse alone.  When I came back with my newly purchased lock, the whole tree was on fire. 


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