“She appears to be alone,” I told Scott.  “You should go talk to her now before someone else does.  Only one person gets to talk to the new girl first.”   

Scott kept staring, but when he got up, I was even shocked.  He was always nervous around the girls he was interested in, but maybe this time would be different.  I watched as he approached the new girl and was even more shocked when he smiled naturally and started talking.  Who was he and what had he done with Scott? 

I watched, impressed, as he glanced over at me and gestured as if he was inviting her to come finish lunch with us.  Britney smiled shyly as she sat down across from me.  I glanced a few times at Scott and was astonished to see he was fully engaged.  Maybe tenth grade was going to be a whole new world for Scott.   

“So Britney, what things are you into?  Sports?  Dancing?” 

“I run cross country usually.  And then track in the Spring.” 

“Oh really?  I’ve always been interested in running.”  Scott pushed himself back to the forefront of the conversation. 

Him interested in running?  He had never been interested in running.  It was all I could do to get him to come watch one of my soccer games each year.  But as I watched them talk easily for the rest of our lunch period, I realized I was losing him.  I never knew I had even wanted him. 


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