All I wanted to do was to get home and sit on my couch and not talk to anyone.  Being a backup dancer was exhilarating, but after nine months of constant touring, I was ready for a break.  The first two days home, I turned my cell phone to silent and rotated between my bed, the kitchen and the couch.  It was the most rested I have felt since leaving for tour rehearsals in late January.  I was dozing on the couch when my phone buzzed with an incoming text.  I froze when I saw Stan’s name on the screen.  There was no way I was going back to work.  I was just getting into the groove of being off and chided myself for being worried about having two months off. 

I had worried I would be restless, but found myself planning what I was going to do and steps I wanted to take to get my life back on track.  I loved dancing, but wasn’t sure how much longer I wanted to stay at it.  Each tour I went on, I felt more of a pull to stay at home.   

“I need you to pack up your things and meet me at my place.”  I read Stan’s text read out loud. 

When I laughed out loud, I knew I was done.  I knew exactly what it meant to meet Stan at his house.  Stripping.  I took a deep breath, blocked his phone number and moved on with my life. 


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