“He doesn’t care about you,” I told Kristin.  “He never has.” 

“Yes he does.  How can you explain the gifts?  The trips?  The clothes?”  Kristin continued to curl her hair as I sat on the edge of her bed.  I was skeptical of this guy she was going to meet, but she didn’t want to hear anything about it. 

“I don’t know why you think he cares.  I think he only cares that you are young and pretty.  And that he can take you to all the parties so he can act like all the young women are interested in him.” 

“A sugar daddy.  I know what he is.  How do you think I am paying for college?  Or rent?”  Kristin turned to me with a sad look on her face.  Suddenly, I felt a wave of something rush over me.  Maybe it was pity.  Or regret. 

Kristin had never been forthcoming about her background and this was the first time I had ever pressed her on what she called her “extracurricular” activities.  I wondered what her life had been like growing up.  Her parents had never been to college to visit and had never called or even acted interested in what she was doing.  Maybe everything she was doing was for just a little bit of attention.  Kristin turned back to do her hair and makeup. 

I sadly turned back to my room and was for the first time, excited I worked three jobs to pay for my education. 


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