Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


The dust didn’t even have a chance to settle.  I wanted out of the relationship before we had even had a chance to get very serious.  Henry had seemed so perfect when we first met, but things quickly deteriorated.  I overheard Henry telling people how happy he was and years later, I still cringe. 

I met Henry at the gym one morning before work.  I had never thought I would meet someone at the gym, but know I don’t think I’ll go on a date with another gym nut again.  We had both been going for the same machine and in our shared apologies, someone else had gotten to the weights before we did. 

Twenty minutes later we were drinking coffee at a café down the street.  Work got in the way and I didn’t see Henry until the following week.  Looking back, I should have noticed the red flags from that week between the coffee and our first actual date.  The amount of text messages he sent and the fact he dropped in facts about my life I knew I didn’t tell him, should have freaked me out.  The longer things went on between us, the more I fell for his charms, but I was suspicious. 

By the time I realized he had been stalking me, I had already told him where I lived.  I had stopped short of giving him a key, but I think he knew how to get one.  And I was beginning to get nervous. 

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