“I heard banging sounds coming from the computers,” I whispered to Jen.  “What if he breaks them before the police get here?” 

“Then we add it to the report.” I could hear the exasperation in her voice.  It was like she had been part of a robbery before. 

From what I knew of her past, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had.  I knew she had a questionable past and she wasn’t very forthcoming.  About anything.  The fact she was so calm right now made me very suspicious. 

“Have you already called the police?”  I whispered.  By now my entire body was shaking and I was having a hard time controlling myself. 

“No!  You said you were going to.”  Jen turned to me and stared.  I noticed there was no fear in her eyes.  By now I was almost certain she had something to do with what was going on in the computer lab. 

“My phone is in with the computers, but -” Jen stopped me as the door to the office where we were hiding started to creak open.  I ducked under the desk and started to pull on Jen’s pants to get her to join me, but she just shook my hand off with a kick of her leg.  All I saw were a pair of men’s hiking boots splattered with red clay. 

“Oh.  It’s just you,” was the last thing I heard before the desk I was hiding under collapsed all around me. 


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