April Fool

I always hated April Fool’s Day and had since I was in elementary school.  My mother scared easily so the two of us tried to avoid having anything to do with April 1 when it rolled around.  My father and brother were obsessed with scaring everyone so naturally, my mother and I were their favorite subjects.  As I grew older, I started to pay attention to what my dad and brother were doing beginning in mid-March. 

“We literally aren’t doing anything,” my brother said as I walked into the living room.  I stopped dead in my tracks and turned toward him.  I knew he was up to something when he started making excuses when I hadn’t even said anything yet.  The knot in my stomach started to grow.  I started to get jumpy every time I walked into a room and every time I heard a loud noise I almost fainted.   

When I passed my brother’s room every day, I either tiptoed or stopped short to listen so I could tell if he was lying in wait to jump out at me.  He usually tried to scare me ahead of time so I would be sufficiently prepared for the big day. 

When April Fool’s Day finally rolled around, I was prepared.  I pumped myself up before I even got out of bed.  I would not be afraid for the first time in my life.  I looked at my phone and got the greatest surprise of all.  It was April 2. 


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