Tropical Island

“I am going on vacation,” he said.  “I don’t care what I have to do to get there, but I am definitely going.” 

James turned back to his computer and started looking again through pictures of Bali.  He had been talking of Bali for years and was now so fed up with our boss that he was finally getting serious about planning his vacation.  He had saved all of his vacation days because he was so dedicated to his job.  Until today. 

Everything had been going downhill between James and our boss several weeks ago and had recently escalated.  Our boss hadn’t done anything too terrible, but his incompetence was starting to wear everyone out and since James hadn’t been on a vacation in ten years, he finally decided that it was his time.  Time to do all the things he had always wanted to try, but had given his life to the job and taken nothing for granted.  He told me all he needed was a week or two off and he would know if it was finally time to retire or not.   

When James finally scheduled his two-week vacation, I was beginning to feel a little anxious he was actually leaving me.  He was the one I talked to the most at work and I knew I was going to be lonely for the next two weeks.  What I didn’t expect was the fact our boss turned his wrath toward me with James no longer there. 


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