Mother Nature

I thought everything was going fine until I was told that I couldn’t eat for the entire weekend.  All I could have was water or tea for the next forty-eight hours.  As soon as the morning meeting was over, I headed out for my daily walk and listened to my stomach rumble for the entire ninety minutes.  I had originally moved to Plan E with my mother when I was seven years old.  As a self-professed hippie, my mother sought out Plan E because of what the community offered.  The write-up on their website, Plan E stated they were the ‘Ultimate Mother Nature Worship Community.’  Being seven, I didn’t exactly know what that means.  And now that I am almost eighteen, I still don’t know what it means. 

I do know that I love the earth and want to do what I can to help prevent climate change, but am confused as to what not eating for forty-eight hours will do to help.  I have repeatedly been told fasting is supposed to clear my head, but really, it just hurts my stomach.  Hiding food was also against the rules, but the older I got, the less I seemed to care about breaking the rules.  I knew I was being watched closely by the elders and knew my time was running out.  I could either disappear on my own or would be disappeared by someone else.  Just like Harley and Amanda were last week.  And Seth and Jeff the week before. 


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