Mr. Cunningham

I always knew my neighbor wasn’t fond of me, but I could never figure out exactly why.  He never smiled, never waved, never called hello when we were in the front yard at the same time.  I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong due to the fact we had never had the opportunity to engage with each other since I had moved in six months ago.   

Everything changed the night I woke up to police knocking on my front door.  Apparently Mr. Cunningham had called the police about an intruder and now was not home and the front door was unlocked.   

“Have you seen Mr. Cunningham or heard anything in the last thirty minutes?”  One of the detectives asked after explaining why they were waking me up at two in the morning. 

“I’m usually a pretty heavy sleeper though so unless it was something pretty loud, I probably wouldn’t have heard it.”  I shook my head, trying to clear the last of the cobwebs and get a closer look at the two officers at my front door.  

After a few more minutes of interrogation one of the cops slipped his card through the slight gap the locked chain left and asked to call if I heard or remembered anything.  I wandered through the house after they left just to make sure all the doors and windows were locked and that’s when I found Mr. Cunningham.  He was standing in my backyard and staring at my back door.  Completely naked. 


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