I have spent years trying to forget high school.  The petty fights, the drama, the gossip, the rumors.  I wanted to forget everyone and move on and move away.  Why anyone stayed in their hometown for anything was beyond me.  The worst time I had was when all my friends got a ride for lunch, but told me there wasn’t enough room in the car so I had to stay behind and eat lunch by myself. 

I knew college would be different.  It had to be different.  I was determined to make sure I would never get left behind again and that I would never leave anyone else behind.  When I was first introduced to Greek life, I was unsure.  I knew I could be instantly connected with new friends who had similar interests, but didn’t want to be a part of another big group where I could potentially be left out. 

But if my goal was to get out there and make new friends, I thought I should pledge and see what happened.  I studied all the sororities by going to as many parties as I could.  The upside was I met more people than I could have imagined.  People who had the same interests and were actually genuine people.  It was also how I met Larry.  All my friends made fun of his name until they met  and fell in love with him too.  I just didn’t realize how he had me fooled until it was too late. 


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