Eddie Mayford

When Eddie Mayford was killed, everyone was shocked.  Eddie was the nicest one in our entire town and now he was dead.  Dead and nobody knows why.  The police released a statement of ‘no comment’ so I know that must mean there is something going on they don’t want the public to know.  I have been in love with Eddie since I was five years old and I am determined to find out what happened to him even if the police won’t tell.  I knew it couldn’t be anything good if they were keeping the information about his death so close to their chest. 

I often pretended to be Harriet the Spy growing up so I didn’t have any qualms about snooping and knew how to flatter those around me just enough so I could get information.  I have always been told I am beautiful and have used this to my advantage in the past.  The benefit of having lived in Pryor most of my life, I know many of the police officers who are assigned to Eddie’s case.  The newest and (hopefully) shining star of the police force, Johnny Stout, is a newly promoted detective as well as newly single.  He lives in the apartment complex down the street from me and I intend to accidentally bump into him this afternoon when I get home from work.  I need to learn quickly about who I can enact my revenge on.  Before it’s too late and they find me first. 


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